Information for international travellers:-

Personal prescriptions

Malaysia accepts all medications prescribed for their patients by Australian doctors. If the medication is unusual, or requires use of scheduled drugs such as morphine tablets or the use of syringes, or is for treatment of HIV infections or drug dependency then a letter from the prescribing doctor should be sought.

All medications must be carried in the bottles or packets in which they were dispensed with the name of the patient on the label and must carry a description of the contents.

One month’s supply of personal medications can be brought into Malaysia for the exclusive use of that person. If the visitor is travelling beyond Malaysia to other countries then medication sufficient for the entire journey may be brought into the country.

Non-prescribed items bought over the counter from a pharmacy or chemist must also be carried in the bottles or packets in which they were sold that carry a description of the product. No more than one month’s supply of an item may be brought into Malaysia for the personal use of the visitor.

Never carry loose tablets into the country.

Health food supplements, organic medicines and vitamins may be brought into Malaysia for the personal use of the visitor but must be labelled and identified.

It is an offence against Australian law for travellers to take Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) subsidised medicines out of Australia in quantities that exceed the normal personal consumption of the person carrying them.


Customs Regulations

Visitors entering Malaysia through the various entry points are required to declare all dutiable or prohibited goods in their possession. They are also required to open, unpack and repack their luggage to facilitate customs inspection. This ruling applies to visitors arriving in Malaysia at first points of entry only.

There are no customs duties for travel between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak. The islands of Labuan in Sabah and Langkawi in Kedah are excluded from any customs duties because of their duty-free status. No customs duty is payable on any goods imported into Labuan or Langkawi except for rubber, marble, anchovies and petroleum products.

Malaysia’s customs regulations provide stiff penalties for those found guilty of making false declarations or for concealing any dutiable or prohibited goods.


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