The High Commission can also provide the following assistance:-

• After being informed officially of any arrest or injury of a Malaysian citizen, the High Commission can contact and inform the arrested/injured person’s family and provide the necessary assistance within its ability.

• Report any arrest/detention/death of Malaysian citizens abroad to the Consular Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia.

• Assist in transferring emergency funds from relatives and/or friends in Malaysia.

• Issuance of Emergency Certificate

• Repratriation of deceased persons to Malaysia.

Family members should report any death at the nearest Police Station and register the death at the nearest Malaysian Mission.
Documents required for registration of death are: -

i)  a copy of the police report made;
ii)  original passport of the deceased;
iii)  original Identification Card / Birth Certificate of the deceased;
iv) a copy of the Death Certificate; and
v) a copy of the Cremation Certificate.

  • Serving of court documents abroad through diplomatic channel.


    The High Commission’s limitations include but not limited to:-

    • Investigate scam cases/crimes/missing persons/deaths.  You should report such case to the relevant authorities yourself.

    • Help you find a job overseas.

    • Provide legal advice.

    • Provide interpreter, telephone, internet or photocopy services.

    • Apply on your behalf and obtain identity card, extract of birth certificate, import permit, retirement program visa (Malaysia My Second Home - MM2H)/other residency visa, licences, work permit, etc.

    • Interfere with judicial affairs on your behalf in child custody cases in mixed marriages.

    • Intervene in private court proceedings or legal matters including employment disputes, commercial disputes and family law matters.

    • Pay or guarantee payment of your hotel, medical or any other bills, including the cost of returning lost luggage to Malaysia.

    • Provide accommodation at Malaysian Missions or the homes of officers overseas.

    • Act as travel agent, bank or post office or store your luggage.

    • Get you a better hospital condition.

    • Intervene in relation to customs or quarantine requirements and regulations.

    • In the event of any arrest/detention of Malaysian citizens, the High Commission will not be able to:-

    i) give legal advice;
    ii) intervene in court proceedings or provide funds to pay for your legal costs of fines;
    iii) do something that is against the local law to help you; and
    iv) be involved with the host government's affairs to get you out of prison or obtain special treatment in prison, bail or pay for fines nor become a bailsman, guarantor or sponsor.








































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