Registration of Voters

Malaysians residing overseas who have not registered as a Normal Elector before OR who wish to be registered as an Absent Voter to participate in the next election may register with the High Commission of Malaysia in Canberra.

To register as an elector, one must:-

a) Be a Malaysian citizen;
b) Be 21 years old and above;
c) Never been barred /disqualified by any laws in force.

If you are unsure if you have registered before, please visit the Election Commission of Malaysia / Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) website: SPR Registration Status and key in your identity card no. to check.

There are 2 categories of electors:-


(1) Normal Electors

Malaysians must register in person at the High Commission in Canberra if they satisfy the above requirements (a) - (c). 

Documents required: MyKad and passport for verification.  

When the time comes for an election, Normal Electors need to return to Malaysia to cast their votes in the constituent/area they have registered. 


(2) Absent Voters

Absent voters are those specified under Regulation 2 (c) of Election Regulations (Registration of Electors) 2002 as:-

i) Malaysian civil servants in any state government / local authority /statutory authority serving abroad (including spouse); and

ii) full-time Malaysian students (including spouse) studying abroad at any university/training institution / institute of higher learning.

Absent voters must also satisfy the above requirements (a) - (c) and register in person at the High Commission in Canberra.

Documents required: MyKad and passport for verification.

Absent voters can cast their vote through postal ballots.  Voting paper will be distributed once the High Commission has received it from SPR.



Before signing the registration form (Form A), please ensure that your particulars are correct and keep a copy of the registration form that is given to you as proof of registration in the event that your name did not appear in the draft of the Supplementary Roll when it is exhibited.

Please contact our Consular Section to make an appointment prior to travelling to Canberra.


Certification of Electoral Roll

Eligible Malaysians who wish to vote in the upcoming election are advised to register as soon as possible.  Please refer to the process below:-

Additional electoral roll is done each quarter.  Each additional electoral will only be certified to vote after the exhibition of draft of additional Electoral Roll, claims and objections period. 

Processing time:
At the end of each quarter, it takes 6-8 weeks for the additional Electoral Roll to be certified, which can then be used in the general election or by-election.

For specific information on the timeline, please click on the following SPR link: SPRtimeline.  

For all other information, kindly visit SPR website:




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