Locally Recruited Staff

Marilyn Gracik
Clerk (Financial)
: marilyn@malaysia.org.au

Tran Quoc Phong
High Commissioner Driver

Leila Strano
Clerk (Consular)
Email: leila@malaysia.org.au

Samia Mohamed
Clerk (Consular)

Hapsah Mustapha

Ong Geek Cheng
Clerk (Pension)
Email: gaik@malaysia.org.au

Semeon Cabana
Office Driver

Harin Widjanarko
Clerk (Financial)
Email: harin@malaysia.org.au

Riko Abrar
Clerk (Immigration)
Email: immigration@malaysia.org.au

Albert Fong
Clerk (Information and Protocol)
Email: albert@malaysia.org.au

Adam Nye
Security Officer

Cigi Surrao
Clerk (Information and Protocol)
Email: cigis@malaysia.org.au




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