Import Of Household Goods into Malaysia

Malaysians who have lived abroad or foreign nationals who have been granted permission to take up residence in Malaysia are permitted to import used household effects, duty free, subject to the follow conditions:

  • They are the owner of the household effects in question
  • The household effects have been in their possession and use for a period of not less than three months before departure (keep receipts to prove date of purchase if goods look new)
  • The household effects will not be disposed of within 3 months of date of importation
  • The person importing the goods is changing the place of residence from a place outside Malaysia to a place within Malaysia.

If the Customs Officer is not convinced that the household effects are more than three months old and receipts are unavailable to prove date of purchase, then relevant import duties may apply.

For further information on Customs duties and related matters, please contact the Royal Malaysian Customs Department Call Centre: (603) 7806 7200 / 7806 7599.

Import of Animals (Cats And Dogs) into Malaysia

For importation into Peninsula Malaysia, an Import Permit should be obtained from the Director General, Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia.

Complete Application for Permit to Import / Export Live Animals Form A.  The current Import Permit Fee is RM5 per dog/cat.  Application should be sent to:-

Director General
Department of Veterinary Services
5th Floor, Podium Block 1A, 4G1
Wisma Tani, Precinct 4
62630 Putrajaya, Malaysia

Tel: (603) 88702213 / 88702381
Fax: (603) 88886472

Application can also be made to the State Vet Departments.

For importation into Sabah and Sarawak, enquiries and application should be made to the states concerned.

The import permit is valid for 30 days from date of issue.

The animal must be accompanied by a Valid Health Certificate issued by a Veterinary in the State /Country of Importation and an Export Permit where required.

Dogs and cats from other countries are subject to quarantine. 

Animals entering Malaysia on transit to other countries will have to have an import permit and they will be kept in Quarantine for such period.

All dogs, cats and birds entering Malaysia must be examined by a Government Veterinary or his representative at the port of arrival.

The owner/representative should be at the airport to receive the animal which must not be removed from the airport without prior examination by the Duty Officer of the Veterinary Department.
Provide details of Flight Number.

Time and Date of Arrival of the animal (or any subsequent change to the program) to Veterinary Dept.

Remind Veterinary Officer at least one day before the arrival of the animal.

Inspection fee will be charged at the port of arrival (it will be doubled after normal working hours or on public holidays).

DO NOT enclose any money, cheque, or money/postal order in your correspondence until you are requested to pay the appropriate charge, and know the exact amount to pay.

For a list of Regulations for the Importation of Dogs and Cats (Australia - Malaysia) issued by the Department of Veterinary Services, please click here









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