What Can or Can't I Take to Malaysia?

Permitted Currency

Residents and non-residents are permitted to bring into or take out of Malaysia, Ringgit and/or foreign currency of no more than USD10,000 equivalent per person. They must declare any amount in excess of USD10,000.00 when they enter or leave the country.

For amount which exceeds the permitted limit, prior written permission must also be obtained from Director, Exchange Control Dept, Bank Negara Malaysia.  Contact no.: +603 2698 8044 ext 8213.  This no. can also be contacted for general enquiry.

Duty Free Goods

  • Visitors may import some goods duty free if the articles are imported by the visitor on his person or in his baggage and if the visitor satisfies the Customs Officer that he is not normally resident in Malaysia.

  • Wines, spirits or malt liquor not exceeding 1 litre per person.

  • 200 cigarettes (tobacco not exceeding 225 grams).

  • Portable goods and equipment for private use.

  • Visitors or Malaysian citizens who bring in more than the quantity allowed as specified are required to pay full customs duties on the excess at 30% of the value.

  • Travel Writers and Journalists Foreign travel writers and journalists may import equipment that is normally used by such professions duty-free, provided the goods are identifiable as to those normally used by travel writers and journalists in the course of their work, and that the goods are exported immediately after the completion of such work.
  • Trade Samples Visitors may bring in duty-free trade samples that are not for sale and of no commercial value. They will however be required to justify the importation of such samples to the Customs Officer on duty.









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